About us 關於我們

About us:

Kaja and Thomas Thomas Chih-Hung Wang was born in Sunmoonlake town in the center of Taiwan. Sunmoonlake has always been a famous tourist place where people from all over the island came to visit. He thus grew up hearing the different accents of the Taiwanese language (Taiyu/Taigi) day by day.

While his parents still grew up speaking Japanese at school, besides using their mother tonge Taiyu at home, Thomas was not allowed to use Taiyu at school and university under the martial law proposed by the Guomindang, which only ended in 1987. But later after his Ph.D. at St. Petersburg State University, he indulged in linguistic studies at the Institute of Linguistics, Academia Sinica. In 2009, he moved to Heidelberg, Germany, where he is doing research and teaching in Buddhist and linguistic studies.

Kaja was born in Speyer, Germany. She studied Chinese language and history at Heidelberg, Beijing and Taibei, now being a doctoral student at Heidelberg University. Together with Thomas, she spends her free time on studying Taiyu, and performing traditional Taiwanese puppet theatre, Budaixi. Kaja is broadly engaged in many activities around Taiwan culture, running her own Taiwanese Tea shop as well as the non-profit association Han Harmony Heidelberg e.V., and coordinates the famous Heidelberg Taiwanese Drama Group.




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