Puppet theatre: 布袋戲 Pootehi (Budaixi)

In a recent survey in Taiwan, the traditional puppet theatre (布袋戲 Budaixi) was chosen as most representative of Taiwanese culture. Budaixi preserves representative aspects of history, language and culture in a very concentrated way. As a popular form of theatre with many details and quick changes, Budaixi easily touches the heart of the people. Compared to the Kunqu (崑曲) opera, which only highly educated scholars can understand, the dialogues in Budaixi are interesting for both highly educated and common people.

The construction of the script contains traditional values as loyalty (忠), piety (孝), moral conduct (節) and justice (義), as well as popular topics like love (愛情), humor (詼諧) and martial arts (武林). Budaixi is a play for the gods (酬神戲) and a minimized form of traditional opera. Its variety is so wide and manifold that anybody can enjoy this form of entertainment.

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