White Snake 白蛇傳

We performed in June 2010,
at the Institute of Chinese Studies, University of Heidelberg:

*** 白蛇傳 Legend of the White Snake ***






Two holy snakes, which could turn into humans, were living near Mountain Emei. There were called Beh soo tsin and Sio tshing. They were curious about the prospering world, so they decided to visit the Westlake near Hangzhou. It was the time of the Dragon boat festival, and people were rowing the dragon boats, dancing the lion dance, playing circus, enjoying the time.

Suddenly, a rainstorm was coming up. Beh soo tsin became all wet, and just at this moment, a man called Khoo appeared and let her stand under his umbrella with him. A romantic story began. They married and after some time opened a medicine shop and were enjoying their lives in harmony.

One day, Mr. Khoo put some realgar wine, a left over from the festival, into the medicated food to prepare for a smooth childbirth. But suddenly, the wine made Beh turn back into her original form of a huge white snake. Mr. Khoo was scared and fell into a coma at once. Beh and Sio immediately went to the Kunlun Mountains to ask for magic herbs from Sian Ong, the immortal old man from the Southern Gate. The herbs rescued Mr. Khoo's life, but his relationship with Beh became cheerless, because Khoo knew that Beh is a snake.

When Mr. Khoo was healed, he took a walk to the Gold Mountain Monastery, and met a monk whose name was Huat Hai. Master Huat Hai, who hated evil like an enemy, thought that Beh had thrown the social relationships into disorder into disorder. He allowed Khoo to hide in the monastery. When Beh and Sio demanded Khoo from the monastery, Master Huat Hai refused. The two snakes were angry and started to perform magic. They tried to flood the monastery, but Master Huat Hai's magic was much stronger. He defeated Beh with his magic bowl, and then put her into the jail in the pagoda of the Westlake.

Sio tshing escaped from Master Huat Hai's magic, and took Beh's son with her. She planned to take personal revenge and to rescue Beh.

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